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Rockford Fosgate speakers are designed to over archive and to take you on a journey

Are you tired of listening to your factory speakers rattling away inside your doors? Then you need to check out the Prime family of speakers. Designed with an ultra-lightweight poly-cone and dome tweeter, our Prime drivers are efficient enough to hook up directly to your factory head-unit for instant sound improvement.


Prime Speakers

The Punch family of speakers are ideal if you’re someone who really likes to “feel” your music. When you’re ready to upgrade and you really want something that can deliver crisp, clear vocals, and have the low-end response to back them up, then look no further.


Punch Speakers

Built on years of knowledge in acoustic engineering, Rockford delivers a family of speakers that is industry-leading. From our class-leading T5 series of audiophile components down to our T1 coaxial speakers, the Power family focuses on providing you the best musical experience you’ve ever had.


Power Speakers

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